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I've had a great summer off but now I'm right back into making you all your favourite cakes and sweet treats!


I'm making my menus a bit simpler to help you build your perfect cake!


Also, there is some exciting additions coming soon that will really help you add something special to your parties and special occasions..... 


I'm a mum to four girls with a love of baking and cooking. Growing up, my part time jobs waitressing allowed me to be around some amazing chef's and caterers - I was always asking questions! It's a passion I've maintained all my life, which has been very handy with such a large extended family! 


I've been a primary school teacher for over twenty years but in 2019 I took a step back to spend more time with my youngest (they grow so fast!). Between being mum and supply covers (and learning to be a tennis coach :-)) I had plenty on. However, 2020 as we know has been a crazy year and what was a my hobby has grown into "Sally Cupcake". I'm excited to see where this takes me


"Thank you soooo much for the amazing biscuits. Kids and adults devoured them and left nothing behind."

Barry Gill

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